SWD8: Introduction to Machine Learning

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Machine learning and deep learning are very large, growing, and rapidly changing fields. They are a range of methods that learn associations from data. These can be useful for a range of problems. This course is a simple introduction to them. It aims to provide high-level, practical guidance to get started. This can help you build intuitions and make good practices a habit.


At the end of this workshop, learners will:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning.

  2. Know how to use key tools, including:

  3. Be aware of good practices for data, such as pipelines and modules.

  4. Be aware of good practices for models, such as hyperparameter tuning, transfer learning, and callbacks.

  5. Be able to undertake distributed training.


We recommend that attendees have a working knowledge of Python, Linux, and HPC (High Performance Computing). If you need to learn any of these, then please consider attending the appropriate course:

It is strongly recommended that you bring your own laptop to this workshop with some specific software installed. Further information will be provided when you are accepted onto the course.


1 day


This workshop usually runs once each academic year. If you would like a bespoke version of this course run in your department, then please contact us.


Research postgraduate students and above; teaching and lecturing staff.