Luke Conibear

Air pollution



Image from William Putman/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


  • I taught and provided support for a numerical weather prediction model (WRFChem, Bash and Fortran) and epidemiological models (Python).
  • I used machine learning models to predict optimum emission reduction strategies to improve air quality and public health in China (code using scitkit-learn and TPOT).
  • I quantified how clean household energy can improve air quality and public health in India (interactive map, code using Dash).
  • I use Python (primary libraries: Numpy, xarray, Pandas, Matplotlib, Jupyter, Dask) to analyse the large amounts of data produced by these complex models (some example code).
  • I developed this website using Flask (code, also using Frozen-Flask, HTML, CSS).
  • I created a guide on how to merge satellites swaths (code using pyresample).
  • I gave lectures on air pollution and human health (slides, code using reveal.js).