Air Pollution

Air Pollution#


Image from Clean Cooking Alliance


I used complex numerical models to understand how to improve air quality and public health in India, China, Indonesia, and South America.

I quantified how clean household energy can improve air quality and public health in India (interactive map).

I completed a PhD in Ambient air quality and human health in India from the University of Leeds.

  • I quantified the key sources of air pollution exposure in India, the impact of air pollution exposure on human health, and how might this change in the future.

  • Overall, the disease burden associated with air pollution exposure in India is large, increasing, and dominated by solid fuel use (especially in homes).

  • I was inspired by Kirk R. Smith and Hans Rosling.


I gave lectures on air pollution and human health (slides, code).

I taught and provided support for epidemiological models.


  • Winner, Postgraduate Researcher Publication Prize, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK, 2019.

  • Runner–up, Most significant scientific advance or discovery by a PhD student, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds, UK, 2017.